Providing Quality Since 20+ Years

We've been providing the best quality of wide range of marbles to finest granite and quartzite for the last decade. We are best in providing quality as strictly implement our quality procedures at every stage, right from offer to dispatch. Just like lotus floats on top but has roots in the ground, we at Lotus Marbles are also able to provide the top quality by being in connection with factories closest to the quarries.

Providing quality you deserve

We at lotus marbles guarantee premium quality products. We keep everything in check from beginning to end to maximize efficiency and quality. We are as rigid as stone when it comes to quality checks.

Experienced in providing quality

With 20+ years of experience in stone industry. We are veterans in providing the best quality range from marbles to quartzite. We work diligently in satisfying our clients from all over the world for the quality which we are known for.

Access to the best

Our strength is our location which allows us access to a wide range of products. We work with a host of factories closest to the quarries in each case. This ensures the most reliable supply.

Range you can choose from

We provide the most vibrant and diverse range of natural stones from beautiful white marbles to a wide selection of the finest granite and quartzite.

Our Process

Selection of

The journey to the best quality starts from the first step which is selecting the block and ensuring perfect procurement. We select each block very carefully as we never compromise with quality.



Block cutting and polishing

A fully mechanized plant is used depending on the block size. After the cutting process, we further process and polish the stone.


Full-time quality inspectors work for us at all the major processing hubs by which we implement our quality procedures at every stage, right from offer to dispatch.




We supply the best quality and we want the best to reach you safely. We pack the material very carefully so that it reaches your place the way it left our place.


(On time delivery)

We are always on time when it comes to providing the best quality products on time to you. We promise to deliver the material that you have selected on time.


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